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Emily Elizabeth Sepulveda





Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics


Managing Director


Summary: Managed all aspects of operations, programming, and finances for a small (<$1 million) nonprofit.  


Arrived at my position after it had been vacant for 2+ years; within ten months brought the organization back into compliance with the state of VA, diversified fundraising efforts and increased donations, and developed an operational budget while overseeing site improvements, expansion of programming, and daily operations.



  • Brought the organization into compliance with the state of Virginia after a lapse period of two years

  • Successfully oversaw repair of previously unpassable farm access road 

  • Managed a staff of four employees

    • Annual reviews

    • Advocated for and achieved hourly staff wage increases from $11/hour to $15/hour

    • Advocated for and achieved a salary increase of 25% for a full time employee with 20+ years at the organization, bringing that employee’s wage up to $49k/annually

  • Coordinated pasture sharing arrangement with local farmers to facilitate rotational grazing

  • Payroll duties

  • Facilitated upgrades of office technology

  • Point of contact for all vendors, peer organizations, and Directors

  • Zoom meetings for Board Committees and other groups

    • Developed meeting agendas

    • Scheduled and facilitated meetings

  • Worked with BOD to develop job descriptions for new positions, identifying operational and development needs

  • Developed programming plans 

  • Managed inventory 

  • Planned and executed volunteer events and educational workshops

  • Software: Xero, Quickbooks Online, Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Shopify, Zoom, Wondershare Filmora, Adobe Lightroom



  • Worked with the BOD to develop quarterly and annual budgets

  • Worked with a third party CPA to oversee and facilitate transition of accounting software from Xero to Quickbooks Online, including development of chart of accounts, migration of customer data, sales data, and product list. 

  • Worked with 5+ data sets to develop accurate P&L statements for 2020 and 2021

  • Developed IRS acknowledgment letter and facilitated distribution letter to all 2021 donors

  • Developed 2021 Appeal Letter and oversaw it’s distribution to a 6k+ mailing list

  • Developed and implemented plans for receiving small donations through our website 

    • Increased number of small donors by 500% as compared to previous quarter

    • Increased monthly donation totals by 20% as compared with previous quarter

  • Accounts payable/receivable



  • Worked as part of a four-person team to develop, write, and publish JPI’s quarterly educational publication, including a regular From the Farm column

  • Developed and prepared regular reports to the BOD

  • Developed and implemented a social media strategy to increase outreach and awareness

  • Created monthly email blasts 

  • Created organizational documents, including volunteer waivers, educational handouts, product labels, employee review forms, and MSDS for organization products to facilitate international shipping

  • Developed website content and updated website regularly with new and relevant media

  • Created marketing and outreach video:


American Clayworks, Denver, Co


Outside Sales


Summary: Provided attentive, swift, and warm customer service to growers throughout a multistate network of customers and vendors in order to provide resources and product expertise while maintaining sales goals.




  • Proactively engaged with customers to inform them about new products, scarcity/availability, and cost saving opportunities through phone and email outreach, site visits, and social media engagement

  • Maintained detailed technical knowledge of product lines, including insecticides, fertilizers, and hard goods

  • Cultivate strong working relationships with reps/vendors to ensure smooth flow of product orders to customers

  • Demonstrated curiosity and interest about present issues facing customers, and sought out solutions

  • Prepared cost proposals for customers/prospective customers

  • Worked with owners, operators, and general contractors to develop equipment plans for newly built greenhouses field irrigation setups

  • Ensured accurate and timely product shipping, delivery, and billing


Groundwork Denver, Denver, Co


Greenhouse Manager/Program Director

Summary: Was responsible for all aspects of greenhouse operations, including cultivation, sales, integrated pest management, material procurement, harvest and delivery, community outreach and education, at risk youth job training.

Developed Groundwork Greens from the ground up, fostering and maintaining relationships with local chefs and restaurants to turn Groundwork Greens into a thriving source of local produce for the Denver market.

Greenhouse operations: 

  • Hydroponic cultivation of lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, braising greens, microgreens, edible and cut flowers 

  • Environmental control of temperature, humidity, lighting

  • Mixing of nutrient formulas from raw mineral salts

    • Safe storage and handling of hazardous materials according to OSHA and MSDS standards and protocols

    • Calculation and refinement of chemical formulations

  • Taking of inventory and ordering/pickup of supplies from wholesalers and retailers

  • Sales to Denver restaurants and chefs

    • Establishment of relationships

    • Weekly/biweekly check-ins with chefs to schedule deliveries

    • Harvest, processing, and delivery of produce in accordance with USDA safe processing and GAP standards 

  • Integrated Pest Management

    • Safe storage and handling of insecticides

    • Establishment of predatory insect habitat

    • Use of trap/indicator plants

  • Facility safety, including signage, protocols, and storage and management of hazardous materials in compliance with OSHA regulations and specs of MSDS

  • Media used

    • Rockwool

    • coco coir

    • hydroton

    • perlite

  • Managing pH


Greenhouse start-up:


  • Safety protocols

  • Sanitation protocols

  • Greenhouse signage

  • Standard operating procedures


Community engagement:


  • Panel Member at Farm Bill Listening Session with Congresswoman Diana DeGette - 2016

  • Panel Member at Urban Agriculture Listening Session with Senator Bennett’s staff - 2017

  • Moderated “Farming Across Land and Water Panel” for Seattle Fish Co’s 100th Anniversary Sustainability Symposium - 2018

  • Tours for students (elementary through college,) gardening groups, community groups, international NGOs, donors

  • Teaching classes on hydroponics and greenhouse operations

  • Presenter at Colorado Landscaping Association Teacher Summit - 2018

  • Supervision and collaboration with DU Fellows in research project to maximize earning potential of greenhouse

  • Management of youth employees

    • Corporate Work Study Partner with Arrupe Jesuit High School

    • Groundwork Denver Green Team members


Project Management:

  • Holiday Salad Basket fundraiser - 2017

  • Lease, clean up, set up, and operation of offsite greenhouse for GWD seedling sale fundraiser - 2018

  • Development of Winter Salad CSA program - 2018

  • Development of Spring Salad CSA program - 2019; membership increase of 3x from winter 2018 CSA program



  • Crop King four tiered ebb and flow rack

  • AmHydro 1150 nft system

  • 42 unit bato bucket system

  • Wadsworth controller

  • Nexus Greenhouse



  • Invoicing

  • Inventory of cultivation materials including seeds, media, mineral salts, sanitation supplies, integrated pest management materials

    • Application and receipt of grant from Johnny’s Seed Company 2017/2018

    • Application and receipt of grant from Colorado Garden Foundation 2018/2019

  • Monthly and yearly metrics

    • Supply costs

    • Sales

    • Units/weight of produce varieties

    • Milage

  • Weekly assessment of Arrupe Student Employees

  • Timecard and payroll duties of Groundwork Denver Green Team members

  • Application and award of $8000 grant from Colorado Garden Foundation 2018



  • Microsoft office 365

  • Social media, including facebook, instagram, and nextdoor

  • Excel

  • Eselfserve

  • Quickbooks


Best Bees Company, Boston, Ma/Denver, Co


Denver Region Beekeeper

Summary: Provide husbandry to 12 rooftop beehives in the Denver area and collect data for study of Colony Collapse Disorder.



  • Weekly/biweekly hive checks

    • Count of eggs, larvae, capped brood

    • Estimation of colony population

    • Making feed and filling feeders when necessary

    • Estimation of honey stores

    • Observation of temperament

    • Assessment of pest presence and population

    • Application of pest treatments



  • Written record  of hive checks

  • Data dissemination using Bzzz app

  • Metrics of mileage and purchases


Ladybug Farm La Veta, Co

Season 2015

Farm Manager

Summary: Oversaw a team of seven interns in the establishment of a 2+ acre organic farm.



  • Detailed mapping of farm area, setting area for annuals, perennials, orchards, and livestock space

  • Electrical and hard fence installation

  • Digging, seeding, and planting

  • Harvest, processing, sales and delivery

  • Chicken husbandry/slaughter

  • Composting


Project Management:

  • Retrofitting of 15 x 30’ sun room to cultivate 1500 tomato seedlings

    • Ventilation and circulation

    • Lighting


Gertrude’s Restaurant at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Scottsdale, AZ

2013 – 2015 

Assistant Manager

Summary: Was part of the crew which opened the 300 seat upscale restaurant at one of Arizona’s biggest tourist attractions, then remained on staff three years and being quickly promoted to a leadership role.



  • Worked with the General Manager and ownership team to set, maintain, and enforce restaurant policies and keep restaurant operations within profitable margins

  • Received inventory and follows procedures regarding payments and invoices

  • Wrote weekly schedule for up to fifty five front of house employees, keeping in mind the staffing needs of the restaurant as well as team members personal needs

  • Trained new employees in restaurant operations and policies

  • Managed floor



  • Microsoft Office 

  • Social media, including facebook, instagram, and yelp

  • Outlook

  • Quickbooks

  • Open Table

  • End of day accounting duties


Page Springs Cellars, Cornville, AZ

Season 2013

Vineyard Crewmember

Summary: Worked as part of a ten-person team to cultivate vitis vinifera in vineyards located around the state of Arizona.



  • Planted bare root and grafted stock

  • Trained and trellised young vines

  • Practiced pest management, including use of pesticide, herbicide, and physical barrier

  • Spent four months managing an isolated 8-acre vineyard in the Chiricahua Mountain range, caring for the vines as they came into harvest

  • Harvested grape varieties, taking care to keep the berries in the best condition possible for cellar crush

  • Oversaw harvests at multiple vineyards, managing crews as large as twenty to ensure efficient harvesting

  • Created fertilization, pest control, and watering schedules

  • Used and maintained farm equipment, including mowers, excavators, and bobcats


Homegrown Hydroponics, Tempe, AZ

2010 – 2013 

Store Manager

Summary: Was store manager at one of a chain of three specialty hydroponic and gardening retail stores.

  • Oversaw all store operations, including management of employees, tracking of inventory, and being responsible for daily bookkeeping and accounting

  • Consulted with customers extensively regarding both soil and hydroponic gardening

  • Maintained a large display garden, including both hydroponic systems and soil.

  • Educated customers on gardening and home food production

  • Worked with local schools to develop and set up gardening education labs, including both soil and hydroponic gardens.

  • Quickbooks




FSMA Safe Produce Handler 2016

Produce Safety Alliance


BMP Inspection and Maintenance 2018

Colorado Stormwater Center



Phoenix College - Phoenix, Az: Biology and Communications




National Young Farmers’ Coalition - Remote


Ad Hoc Committee on Policy Setting Member


Capering Goat Dairy - Boulder, Colorado

2018 - Present



Arrupe Jesuit High School - Denver, Colorado

2016 - Present

Professional Development Volunteer

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